Window tab keyboard shortcut


Hey everyone,

Couldn’t find anything through search so just wanted to quickly ask if anyone know it was possible to have a keyboard shortcut cycle between window tabs? Just to clarify, this is NOT file tabs (cmd+{} OR windows (cmd+`) but window tabs specifically.



If I’m understanding correctly, you’re asking about the tabs that show up on macOS when you have Atom in full screen mode and open multiple projects? If so, this isn’t something that Atom handles, it is done transparently by the OS. If there is a key binding for it, it should be the same as for any other macOS application. Atom doesn’t provide the Cmd+` key binding either for similar reasons.


Ah, that makes sense. I’ve recently ticked the macOS settings to open all windows in new tabs (regardless of full screen) and it’s resulted in this behaviour. Will have to turn it off it seems. Cheers!