Window size?


Please tell me how to adjust the window size. Thanks.


Are you asking about Atom, the text editor, or Electron, the application framework,?


When you open Atom, it sits in a window. That window can be made full-screen. But I would like to size it to about 80% of full-screen on the left. The remaining 20% will be the CMD window to run scripts.

Typically, there are arrows to drag and resize with. But I see no arrows.



(In Windows 7, )You can “resize” the application to use about half of the screen (drag it to the left or to the right of the screen and it should like use half of the screen), but it isn’t maxmised so you can use the edge of the window to resize it to your needs while Atom is using (almost, titlebar) the full height.

If you talk about the F11-Fullscreen, then i don’t have a idea.


I have Windows 10

This is strange:

I can drag the window left or right. It simply disappears off the screen. Not good.

The strange thing is that, this morning, arrows appeared at the edges of the window. They weren’t there yesterday. Any way, I was able to size the window exactly. I hope it holds, lol.



We haven’t done anything with regard to resizing the window. It’s a standard OS window and from what I’ve seen has always been able to be resized … even on Windows 10 :grinning: