`Window: Reload` breaks Dev Tools?


I’m developing a package and so I use Window: Reload all the time. If I open dev tools and reload, life is great!

But if I close dev tools, the next time I reload the dev tools bottom bar will open, but it will be empty – and the close-x does nothing. Neither does Window: Toggle Dev Tools. The empty bar stays there forever.

The only way I have to close that borked dev tools bar is to quit Atom and restart.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I’d love to be able to reload just my package, but short of that, I’d love to be able to reload the window without dev tools open!


I’m having it too, I noticed that you can still close the broken dev tools using the keyboard, but it doesn’t make it anymore usable, if you need the devtools after that you have to restart thte whole thing (and probably lose your workspace, which can be quickly annoying).