Window.prompt-like modal dialog in Atom?


I need a popup that accepts text and then goes away, like the browser’s window.prompt modal dialog. It can either be one built in like atom.confirm or some code in an existing package I can copy.


Creating a new file has a popup like this


Duh. Thanks.


@leedohm We have got to fix this text limit. One word can be worth a thousand pictures. What if someone asks “How many quarts are in a gallon”? One one character is required. At least just make it a warning like replying too many times.

More character limit discussion

There’s been some discussion on that here, which explains some of the rationale behind it:

In your example, perhaps it’d be even more useful to explain that since a quarter means one fourth, there are 4 quarts in a gallon instead of only answering 4? That’s what I like about StackOverflow, almost every answer contains a (detailed) explanation, allowing me to understand the solution to the problem rather than only knowing the answer.

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