Window Load Time: 28404ms


I’m sure this will go down over time as new versions are released but currently the app is quite slow.

I haven’t installed many packages or themes and it’s already causing lag in load times.

Are there ways to speed Atom up in the mean time?


Wow, and I thought mine was a bit slow launching.
What annoys me the most is that it’s not only launching the app, every new project folder I ask it to open will take a considerable amount of time.


Imma bump this one, because I just had an unusually delayed launch:

I’m not sure what caused this because when I closed and restarted it, it was comparatively fine again:

Now I have quite a few packages installed, but it’s interesting how variable this can be for each and every package.

Emmet in particular is always a bit heavy though.


Same here. App load time is horrible.