Win7 clang and console charset


Trying clang cpplint on win7. Having error in console:

activate linter-clang
G:\atom\.atom\packages\linter-cpplint\lib\ activate linter-cpplint

G:\atom\.atom\packages\linter-clang\lib\ linter-clang: is node executable: false
G:\atom\.atom\packages\linter-clang\lib\ linter-clang: command = G:/_dev/cxx/llvm/bin/clang.exe, args = C:\Users\A1\AppData\Local\Temp\AtomLinter115314-6436-cf7010source.cpp\1.cpp,-fsyntax-only,-fno-caret-diagnostics,-fno-diagnostics-fixit-info,-fdiagnostics-print-source-range-info,-fexceptions,-xc++,-Wall,-std=c++11,-ferror-limit=0,-IC:\Users\A1\Desktop, options = [object Object]
clang: stderr ������ "G:\_dev\cxx\llvm\bin\clang.exe" �� ᮢ���⨬� � ���ᨥ� Windows, ࠡ����饩 �� �⮬ ����������. �஢����� ᢥ����� � ���⥬�, �⮡� 㧭���, ����� ������ �ணࠬ�� x86 (32-ࠧ�來��) ��� x64 (64-ࠧ�來��) ��� �㦭�, � �������� �� � ���⠢騪� �ணࠬ����� ���ᯥ祭��.

How can I set up cyrilic chars in dev console?
What about clang?


What dev console are you talking about here? I don’t recognize the command or the output …

  1. View - developer - open in dev mode.
  2. View - developer - Toggle developer tools. There is console.

Only in dev mode you can find logs of linter-clang process.

Reread my first message. Understand its unclear. So… I trying to use clang cpplint in atom. Nothing happens when I run lint command on cpp file. Open my cpp file in dev mode and look console. There is such chinesse symbols and clang stderr.


I think you’ll want to open an issue on the repository of the linter-clang package.
Whoever maintains that package might be able to explain what you’re seeing, and perhaps can help you.


Ok, cpplint is an issue of cpplint.
And what about console? How to make it show propper cyrillic symbols? Console is an atom thing.


What’s the font family you’re using on your Windows system and the font in Atom Settings?


In settings font family field is empty.