Will there be thorough documentation for plain JavaScript developers?


Will there be thorough documentation for plain JavaScript developers so that contributors can develop plugins without using CS?


We should definitely add more examples to the API docs and guides that use JavaScript.

There is no distinction internally on what JS packages can do vs. Coffee packages, and any node module whether written in JS or Coffee should be usable in an Atom package.

Why coffeescript?

Having all examples have some kind of tabbed thing above them for “view in js” vs “view in cs” would be really cool.


That is a great idea :+1:


Having examples in JS would be great, it’s pretty ackward as it is reading CoffeeScript.


That’s been a very effective way to show the examples of config in different variations for the Symfony.com docs.
Example; http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/email/dev_environment.html#sending-to-a-specified-address


+1 for having all the tutorials + examples available in js and cs.


Just got my hello world module working with Javascript…

module.exports.activate = function() {

module.exports.hackify = function(){
    // var figlet = require('figlet');
    var editor = atom.workspace.activePaneItem
    editor.insertText('I guess it works')


Yep. Suddenly when I saw everything was caffeinated, I just had to step back a bit and now will have translate the CS in my head so it’s a little bit of a barrier to the eager noobs.


Yes, aurelia let’s you see the tutorials in different languages (ES6/Typescript) as well in a pretty neat way