Will it ever be in Ubuntu repository?


The issue 2956 is two years old.


If an Issue is open, then it is something that we plan to do at some point. We don’t currently have an ETA for when we’ll be able to offer this.


As mentioned, this is a question that’s been gone over before. The developers are predominantly Mac users and my impression of the situation is that they don’t have the savvy or spare time to support distribution methods for OSes they don’t use (providing a .deb file and the source code means that anybody who wants to use Atom can install it, they just might not get automatic updates). #2956 does have the help-wanted tag. I believe it’s simply waiting for an Ubuntu user to step up and make the process happen.


As @DamnedScholar pointed out, this is a duplicate of the previous topic he linked to. We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story. Please continue the discussion there. I’ll be closing this topic as duplicate.

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