Will bitmap fonts eventually be available?


Is it possible to have bitmap fonts in Atom? In particular fonts like Terminus, gohufont etc.?


Not sure about this included in Atom core, but this may help you if you want to include it in your user stylesheet:

This post may also be useful regarding including fonts in Atom:


Thanks a bunch! Your answer here helped: How do I load google fonts into my editor's styles?

Created a terminus-font package and used it directly and removed the default font setting from preferences.


@mtahmed can you share your package with me? I am trying to make a package with a bitmap font as well. I have been struggling to be able to use my favorite bitmap font with Atom.



terminus is the exact font I want to use, I use it without anti-alias in terminals and it looks great. There was a discussion some years ago that it’s not possible to render fonts without anti-alias in Atom anymore. Dunno. But could you share the package and save some folks some time? :slight_smile:


Nevermind! found the “fonts”-package. Now for the really important part for eye-ergonomy: getting rid of the anti-alias, no high hopes.