Wierd symbols in my files!


So I am a Developer for a Altis Life servers in ArmA 3. I started getting this error where it said that I had a syntax error. I looked back in the file where the error originated and there were no errors. I contacted a buddy because at this point I went through all my files and couldnt find anything wrong and he said he would check it out. He found a similar problem in a PHP site where it said it was because of  and then he said for me to remove them. I went through all my files and couldnt find them. He said he had found an app to find them and he used agent ransack. He cleaned them out. He told me he had to turn off utf-8 and I had used this program with that setting for 2 years. Is there a way so I wouldnt not have to delete them everytime.


You can change the encoding of your file by clicking on the text UTF-8 on the status bar.