Why would this SCSS snippet fail?


I’ve made snippets for HTML and JS. I wanted to make a few for Sass (SCSS) files. So, I look for the core “sass” package and see the code is source.css.scss, So I try:

  'Sass Linter Disable':
    'prefix': 'sld'
    'body': '// scss-lint:disable'

But it does not seem to work.


What do you mean by “fail”? It shows up in the list of snippets but doesn’t fill in? It doesn’t show up in the list of snippets at all?


Sorry. It doesn’t show up in the Command menu, nor does the shortcut do anything

Leads me to believe the language selector is wrong.


I think you’re just missing the initial class . for the scope selector:

  'Sass Linter Disable':
    'prefix': 'sld'
    'body': '// scss-lint:disable'


Thank you! I always forget that in this list there’s the dot at the beginning.