Why won't apm publish or unpublish a package?


I’ve written a simple package for Atom, which I’ve tried to publish. I run apm publish minor, and it updates the version, pushes to GitHub, but displays “Application Error” when it tries to publish the package on atom.io. The package is created, but is in a state where no version has been published. (This is my GitHub repo, and this is the package as it is currently “published” on atom.io.)

I then tried to run apm unpublish, but this too fauiled with an error “Unpublishing failed: Unauthorized”, even though I’ve made sure apm is properly set up with the API token.

My question is, are there any obvious reasons why this shouldn’t work, or is this simply a bug?

(I am using Atom 0.187.0 with apm 0.142.0 on Windows 8.1.)


Did you login to apm? I think the command is apm login. You’re then asked to enter your API token which you can find on your account page


Yes, as I already said, I made sure that apm was properly set up with the API token.


Oh I’m sorry, I completely missed that…


Since the tag is already created, you can try the apm publish --tag v0.1.0 command to instruct apm that the tag has already been created on GitHub and to publish that specific version.


I’ve already tried doing that, yet I still get the same error:

> apm publish --tag v0.1.0
Publishing untitled-begone@v0.1.0 failed
Creating new version failed: Application error


Now I’m also getting this issue :frowning:.

At first I wanted to unpublish linter-stylus, but I forgot to unpublish before deleting the the repository. I tried recreating the repository, first an empty one, then a clone of the original repo, but I couldn’t unpublish the package anymore.

I changed my mind and wanted to put up a notice in the readme that the package is unsupported and to use linter-stylint instead, but I also couldn’t update the package anymore :worried:.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Have you tried doing an apm login since you recreated the repository?


Yes, I tried it multiple times


Perhaps @thedaniel can help out here?