Why there are two output consoles pop up when I execute python?

When I execute python, there are two output consoles pop up. Anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.

What is your connection method and what architecture? Are you using Ruby on Rails or perhaps a Mobile Hot-Spot.
WLAN ‘Servers’ i.e. connections are often as secure as your Wireless Routers Mobile DNS. If you do not have a FQDN then you may consider getting one to avoid mirrored network settings. AKA Mobile devices linked to the server side API/Interface. Considering looking for AppData in the All Users Location /Users

Perhaps the log can be of some assistance to you or anyone reading.

I’m guessing you’re running a background process within services.msc of powershell or perhaps some kind of token is causing your terminal to mimic your host. This could be svchost.exe, lsass.exe (chromium) instead of google chrome or an outdated version of atom. This is normal for Users who have updated to Windows 10 operating system from Windows 8.

I have the same issue - so what’s the solution there? Yes I’m on Windows 10, but it’s pre-installed with the laptop rather than updated from earlier versions of Windows. Wondering how Atom works; why is it related to network connections? Doesn’t it look like a configuration problem? Does Atom have a solution for users like that? thanks,


My guess is that you are using a later version of powershell that older operating systems don’t share with the client side API.

What are you using it for?

this is a new install of Atom, version 1.55.0, and a very simple python one liner code, no API etc. at all. the very first day and very first program to run. Nothing else is running.

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I just heard we can use Atom as Python editor, and execute Python code as well. Normally, we use different editors and run Python code directly.

Python is good for object oriented variables, merging packages, converting old code to new data structures etc. What kind of project are you working on?

Data conversions, database data import and export, data modeling and data mining, and many more. The idea is to use Atom as a platform for code editing and execution, similar to jupyter notebook if you know what I mean.

It works. It’s not as powerful as CLI or terminals. Kind of hard to mine anything using Atom. Trust me.


If you’re really interested. This was all built using a yml file format. The entire documentation can be modified using crates.js

I have it stored on cloud. You can create a very powerful markdown web server and apply themes directly using a simple drop-down menu, with XML. Alternatively you can use DTD markup to stylize or structure your servers pages. This is why beginners are taught Ruby on Rails.