Why the Russian letters not reading and not writting?


I can’t see Russian letters and normally saves it. What I must do?


Кодировка стоит в настройках utf-8 ?


Are the characters encoded as UTF-8? Can you supply some text here that reproduces the problem?


Да. Я его писал в блокноте. Yes. I write it in Notepad.

  1. Yes. - it save ‘Atom рулит’.


that is original code


Глупый вопрос, но всё же. Шрифт различается что тут, что там:?
Ибо, может сам шрифт не поддерживает кириллицу:?


When I paste this text into Atom, it displays properly:

I’m using the Source Code Pro font. Which font are you using?


Try to save it and open in Notepad. Or try to write it in Notepad and then open in Atom. Font… I tried Mistral - no result.


Попробуй сохранить и открыть в блокноте -.-. Try to save and then open in Notepad -.-


I’m not on Windows, so I don’t have Notepad. I’m on OS X and used TextEdit (the built-in text editor). I saved the file using TextEdit and opened it in Atom … no issue, same result:


Hm-m… I can record my screen, if you want.


Actually, it would be more helpful if you could upload the file itself so that we could see how it is encoded. Or you could install the hex package and show a screen shot of the hex output of the text:

As you can see here D0 94 is UTF-8 for Д


Thanks for help, but when I create file in Notepad and open in Atom I see ??? in cubes. When I rewrite it in Atom and save, it… didn’t changed, but the editor see the Russian letters!


Try to click the current encoding name in the status bar (UTF-8) and select “Windows 1251”