Why the "autocomplete-paths" just doesn't work


I’m on Windows 10 and autocomplete-paths appears to work perfectly well for me, but if anyone gets an idea about why it might fail sometimes and needs a repro, I can try to break it. :slight_smile:

This is very good to know. I’ll be nitpicky as well and say that it’s more than common to use backslashes on Windows. That’s the system default and all paths generated by the system are displayed with backslashes. It actually makes me feel a whole lot better that I can toss out the window my “code-switching” between Unix and MS paths and just use forward slashes for everything.


Thanks for reporting these issues guys, this helps a lot!

@danPadric Using \ instead of / is not an issue I believe. But I’m not 100% sure on that - I’ll have to see how autocomplete-paths behaves on a Windows machine later.

@idleberg Does the Cannot read property 'path' of null issue appear with all scopes / languages? Do you get the maximum file count exceeded message on startup?

The coffee-script issue that @danPadric named should be fixed with 2.0.0


To be honest, I only installed the package to see whether I can reproduce the problem mentioned by Dan. I did quick tests for JavaScript and CoffeeScript.

I only does when I load a huge project folder.

Btw, should we move this to conversation to GitHub?


Yeah, GitHub is probably a better place for this conversation: https://github.com/atom-community/autocomplete-paths/issues/125

@idleberg Could you list the steps to reproduce this issue? I’ve never seen this message in my environment