Why only Jasmine 1.3?


Atom uses Jasmine 1.3. The 1_3_x branch of Jasmine has been last updated in July 2013, and it’s missing some features, namely beforeAll and afterAll.

Why does Atom not use a more recent version of Jasmine? I don’t see how it makes sense :neutral_face:


The various reasons:

  1. It works
  2. Nobody has had time to:
    • Update it
    • Convert all tests everywhere in Atom (remember there are 87 packages just in the default installation of Atom alone, let alone Core itself and the over 2,300 community packages)
    • Design a system that will allow people to easily use whichever test framework they want to use

For more information see:


I see, so it’s basically just legacy codebase :confused:


What are you doing to make the situation better?


Nothing at the moment. I would like to look into this, but others have been unsuccessful and I don’t have that much time at the moment.

I was just summing up what I thought the reason was.


This might be of interest: https://theintern.github.io/ , allows mixing of test frameworks among other features.


I created a test runner for jasmine 2.x in case anyone is looking for it