Why not support flow(markdown script)?Any special?


Why not support flow(markdown script)?Any special ?


I’m not familiar with this. Do you mind sharing a link that I could read for more information about Flow?

It may be just that nobody has yet created a package to support it. The only reason would be lack of demand in the community.


like this : ```flow
start=>start: 开始
isLogin=>condition: 是否已登录?
login=>operation: 登陆
selectPic=>operation: 选择一张图片
isPic=>condition: 格式是否正确?
doIt=>operation: 完成资料
isRight=>condition: 资料是否符合要求?
end=>end: 完成



Please link to a web site documenting the syntax.




That doesn’t look complete.


From what I understand some markdown services include a diagram language, possibly to bridge some gap with Latex. One example of this is typora.

The syntax snippet provided by @cholf as example looks like flowchart.js

Proper support for such a case probably include change in both syntax and markdown preview.

Any special ?

Yes. Even if some services offer integration of diagramming it’s not part of official markdown nor official gfm.

Interestingly it looks like it embed as a block of code with named language so it’s retro compatible.

  //   ... figure definition here ...


I know it’s not your original function, it should be a plugin, and the plug-in you provide does not support flow, and I wonder if it’s hard to do? Flowchart.js is a flow that supports markdown, but it doesn’t integrate into atom. Is it difficult to integrate your plug-in? Or do you think it’s useless?


Anybody can make a new plug-in to highlight a language. I have made a few, myself. I wrote a template to help me start new ones and understand what each component did.

In order to write a language package, it is necessary to have a complete description of the syntax.