Why not added a place for the cross on tab?


When the file name is too short (<10symbols), I often close the tab, trying to switch.


You can go into the theme settings and change the tab style to fixed. This is an issue with the theme you’re using, not Atom.


I believe this is actually a legitimate issue with the One UIs and was fixed in https://github.com/atom/one-dark-ui/pull/144. It should be fixed in Atom 1.10.0-beta0 and above.


Hmm… I don’t switch themes. It is on standard theme. But… ok.
.tab-bar .tab .title, .tab-bar .tab.active .title { padding-right: 15px; } - this is what I need


Yes, it’s an issue with the One UI theme, not with the editor. Another theme that doesn’t style its tabs in the same way won’t have that problem. You can tweak it in CSS, or you can go into the settings for the theme and change it so that the tabs are all the same size.