Why no multi-line find and replace


I love this editor but it’s very frustrating wanting to replace a few lines across all my pages and yet when I paste the lines into the Find window, it always returns NO RESULTS. I just don’t understand why such a popular editor like this is missing this very basic functionality which all other editors seems to have. This has been requested for several years and yet has never been implemented. Can someone please explain why?



How about you show us a picture to explain your issue. Also - OS and Atom version is also helpful.



So here’s the screenshot. I simply copied four lines of text from lines 268-271 in the top half and pasted them in the bottom find section and clicked the Find button. But as you see with the red text No Results are found.


This is Atom version 1.18.0 but as happened in all the previous versions I had installed. I’m using Windows 7 64bit