Why my atom is so slow? every step holds extra time to react


I’m using MacBook Air 2015 Version. What’s going on? have no idea, anyone knows?


We would need to know more information than the model of your computer. Has the problem occurred recently? Is Atom slow when you open it in safe mode with atom --safe? Is Atom slow when you start it up, or does it become slow over time?


Thank you for the response.
I think I just downloaded two atom on my Mac, I just deleted one, problem seems solved.
and By the way, what is the safe mode, is it the way open atom from terminal? because I just downloaded and dragged into Apps, Then use it by clicking it.


Thanks for giving feedback on your situation.

“safe” is a special running mode for Atom to run under. To reach this, the condition attribute must be triggered. Either do so in the prompt or reconfigure a shortcut or construct a batch file.

The safe mode ensures only the baseline of Atom runs. It is helpful to see if add-ons are interfering with proper working.

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Safe mode starts Atom without loading any of the packages you have installed. This is the best way to find out whether Atom’s slowness is because of a package or not.

Since @AndyRockChen is using MacOS, this would be a shell script.