Why keybindings ’ctrl-cmd-<’ stop to work?


I just update Atom to 1.12.3 and I want to switch between two open windows.

With a french keyboard the shortcut is ctrl + cmd + < but nothing happens while I press these keybindings since the new version.

Atom: 1.12.3
OS: El Capitan 10.11.6
Keyboard: French European AZERTY


Have you tried using the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X and Ctrl+. on other platforms)? It will show you what key Atom saw you press and the command that was triggered because of it.

(It is also mentioned in the Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual.)

There was also a significant change to how we work with keyboard layouts that was released with v1.12.x. You can find details on it in this blog post.


Thank you, I didn’t know all that change for the keyboard.
I tried using the Keybinding Resolver but it seems there is no shortcut for what I want (since new version).

When you use atom with one window per project, there is no possibility to switch between two (or more windows) :frowning:


On my machine Cmd+` allows me to rotate between multiple windows in an application. Does that not work for you?


That’s shorcut doesn’t work on french keyboard for Atom (it’s work on other app)