Why isn't window.prompt supported?


When I call window.prompt I get “Error: prompt() is and will not be supported”. Why is this?

How can I prompt a user for input and use this as a variable in my package?


That is extremely annoying and it didn’t help at all. Everything in Atom is synchronous and alert/prompt are no different.


I seems prompt windows does not map to anything native & cross platform and maintainer of electron deemed it an edge case not worthy of developing.

However for basic scripting, things like alert and prompt are often all the UI needed. And I think atom should encourage such basic scripting use case.

That is why in the view framework demo thread I proposed to have some standard components ready to reuse.

Alternatively, maybe an atom package can provide service for basic gui like this.


It took me forever (an hour) but I implemented a pop-up prompt dialog for a package I did today. If anyone reading this needs an example of a prompt dialog, check out the package shell-it. What the heck, here is the dialog code …

    dialog = document.createElement "div"
    dialog.setAttribute 'style', 'width:100%'
    lbl = document.createElement "div"
    lbl.setAttribute 'style', 'position:relative; float:left; margin-right:10px;' +
                              'font-weight:bold; font-size:12px'
    lbl.appendChild document.createTextNode 'Shell Command:'
    dialog.appendChild lbl
    input = document.createElement 'input'
    input.setAttribute 'style', 'width:350px'
    input.classList.add 'native-key-bindings'
    dialog.appendChild input
    panel = atom.workspace.addModalPanel item: dialog
    input.addEventListener 'keypress', (e) =>
      if e.which is 13
        @process input.value
        return false