Why isn't Webview clickable when used with Gridstack?


I’ve been trying to build a custom browser for years. I like the idea of running custom things on my Linux box and I’ve already written a screensaver and media player in OpenGL. This gave me the freedom to customize my interfaces down to the pixel level. Now I want to do the same thing with a custom browser for my system. I want something themeable like the old Firefox and also capable of supporting plug-ins. I want it to have a drag-and-drop interface so that I can drag things around on a whim. So, I included Gridstack in my UI. The problem I’m getting is: Webview cannot be clicked when in a gridstack block. I’ve tried everything so far. When webview is placed in a block, I cannot click anywhere within the content. Every other item on screen is capable of being clicked and drug around at the same time but not webview. Is there a way to fix this?