Why is undo slow?


I noticed that if I type something, then save, the first undo right after that won’t do anything, the second one actually removes the text. It’s as if the save command is getting undone, which is annoying because it is slow, and the issue is even worse if I for whatever reason just hit save several times in a row.

I don’t know if that is what is actually happening, but the case is that I just can’t keep CTRL+Z pressed and see all the changes undone quickly, what happens when I keep CTRL+Z pressed is that Atom hangs for a little while, undoes some stuff, then hangs again and so on.

This makes undoing annoying rather than useful.

I thought that maybe I should stop hitting CTRL+S compulsively, but that would require alot of effort on my part. Is there anything else I can do to avoid this?


Can you confirm the same behavior when atom is opened in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Ah, It doesn’t happen in safe mode. I’ll have to find out which package is messing up then.

Thanks for that, this shouldn’t take to too long, I don’t have many packages installed.


Found it! It’s the package tabs-to-spaces. I have it set to tabify on save, I guess that is what is getting undone and it is slow as molasses. I can live without that, smooth undo is much more important for me.