Why is there no "Use Preview Tabs" in atom_v1.6.0-beta3?



After changing to latest beta I noticed that there is no “Use Preview Tabs” option in tabs package. But I can’t find anywhere information why? Can someone tell me what happened?

If I’m correct this option allowed to preview file on click and open it on double click. Without this managing files in tree view is a little be annoying.

Sorry for troubling you.


It was made the default in v1.6.x. See the Release Notes:


Then why doesn’t it work in my version (1.6.0-beta3, windows 8.1)?

To precise:
When I click on file in tree view it automatically opens and focus goes to editor window. Therefor I am unable to delete/copy/… this file by pressing “delete/ctrl+c/…”, because focus is already in editor and that is where “delete” input goes to.

Should I file this as bug report?


That is a known issue fixed on master:


Thank you. Couldn’t find it myself.