Why is my Atom not Git-Aware?


I watched a youtuber’s video on the top 5 features of Atom then I realised that I didn’t have the Git_Aware feature. Not sure if I need to re-install the program?

Basically my tree view is all grey even if I create a new file or edit a file, it still remains grey.

Can anybody help me?


Do you have a project folder open that has the .git folder at the top level?


No… do I need one? I see on the youtube video [https://youtu.be/UYPgPyxwF28] (1:08) he has a .gitignore but as I am new to programming and not sure what any of this means.

Thanks for the feedback!


Study up on git. There are a zillion tutorials on the web like http://www.sitepoint.com/git-for-beginners/. Do not expect to be an expert soon, or maybe ever. Just work on committing and using branches at first.


Right I thought there was something wrong with my Atom software, I will study up on git. Thanks Mark!