Why is Atom's "Save As" window inactive by default, and can this be fixed? (Ubuntu)


When I save as, either but Ctrl + Shift + S or by using the dropdown menu, the “save as” window that pops up is inactive, and needs to be clicked on before it can be typed into.

Shouldn’t the “save as” window make itself the active window as soon as it pops up?

I would like to use Atom without needing the mouse - and this is difficult when I cannot do something so basic as “save as” without needing to click on the “save as” window before it’ll allow me to type a new filename.

I could use Super + Tab several times to make the “save as” window active, but this should not be necessary and is a little irritating to do every time.

Is there anything I can do to make the save-as window active when it pops up, without annoyingly having to use Super + Tab several times or clicking the window? I just want to press “Ctrl + Shift + S” and then be able to type in my filename without a problem (though I don’t mind pressing ‘tab’ or ‘enter’ or some key combination to make the window active, if it can be that simple. I just don’t want to use the mouse, or repeatedly switch between active windows.)


There’s an issue for this here if you want to subscribe:


Thanks - subscribed. Hope this gets fixed.