Why is Atom so slow?

@d_l When you talk about atom-profiles, I don’t really understand what you’re referring to.
As for the file length and modularity, I don’t think that’s the problem. It is certainly not the best way to write codes, but here I am just experimenting with heavy files.

is tree-sitter a package to install?

From what I see there are many * -tree-sitters- * which one should I try and what is it for?

The idea of Atom profiles mooted in earlier requests going back several years is to orchestrate an Atom configuration to jettison unwanted baggage. For example there might be a profile for Laravel Development which only uses a cluster of resources. I can think of a dozen or so such “profiles”. But there is no package I have found for this.

Ok i understood what you mean, it would have been interesting if you had found it, thanks anyway.

I must say that after a day of use I am very satisfied with Atom.

Integration with Github is done really well i love it.

Too bad for the slowdown I mentioned above, it’s the only annoyance I’ve had today.

I will continue to use it for the following days.

I have not lost interest in profiles, it is just low priority since I do not experience any slowdown (but I am on Ubuntu and other platforms might be different). Atom can be customised using scripts rather than looking for packages which are not always well supported. There are several essential packages and the trick is to find these by trial and error. Regarding emulating “profiles” I have experimented with workflow automation scripts which work well (in my experience).

It is exactly as you say. I’m looking for a good SFTP plugin like the one of sb3, I’ve already tried 2-3 but have some problems, looking for them by trial and error.

Thanks for this explanation of the profiles.

Search for some points I added in past threads about linking Atom to PuTTY through the command line rather than trying to work out which Atom packages to use for SFTP. I now use Atom in a “toolchain” rather than overloading with too many packages. PuTTY CLI can be driven through process-palette. Explore the CLI options in external applications and link Atom plus apps through the CLI. This applies to integrating Atom with many external applications.

And on the background issue of profiles I think of Firefox profiles.

thanks, i will try to use this type of implementation as soon as i find some information about it

I’ve used Atom for ages, and have absolutely loved it. Produced several reports for work therein and was really great and intuitive. I changed jobs and didn’t use it for a few months. I have just changed jobs again and thought I’d fire up Atom to help format a very large report for my new place, and atom literally completely crashed my computer when I tried to boot it up, and after half an hour I’ve just tried to open it up again and LITERALLY EVERY PIECE OF WORK I’D EVER DONE IN ATOM WAS CORRUPTED.

So yeah, after time Atom seems to completely degrade, to the point that unless you act, it’ll completely die on you, with any .tex files you may have. I have just lost 4 years worth of work, hundreds and thousands of words of work and now atom won’t even fire up.

I’ve heard very similar stories from several friends that have also used atom in the past. Great at first, then completely degrades (even without hard usage).

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Try using docker

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Test string

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