Why is Atom so fast?


I’m simply amazed at the progress in start-up performance over the past few releases. I should have archived a screenshot from january, but window load time has been around 3 seconds on my box but in recent releases it’s dropped below 900ms.



I like that this topic exists, because its exact opposite does as well: Why is Atom so slow? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A while back, when my load time went from 7 secs to 2 secs, I submitted a bug report to atom/atom saying it was too fast. I used to switch to the browser and read a comic on each load and I didn’t have time to do that anymore.


Maybe you can add to init.coffee that it loads a comic in the web-browser package and then closes that tab after seven seconds.

Eye tracking to replace “after seven seconds” with “when done reading” would be a bonus feature.

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