Why is Atom shown as ShimGen in Windows 8?


I installed Atom in Windows 8.1 using Chocolatey:

cinst Atom

When I search for Atom on the computer I find ‘Atom’ with an icon that says ‘Shim’. If I pin that to the taskbar, again I see the Shim icon - not the Atom icon. Clicking the icon starts a normal Atom session and adds an Atom icon to the taskbar for the duration of the session.

In Windows 7 I only see the Atom icon.

Is it correct to see the Shim icon in Windows 8.1?


Sounds like a bug in Chocolatey …


I noticed in atom/atom an issue to generate a windows installer. I think it was finished.


I believe that Chocolatey is the recommended way to install Atom on Windows. So I think I have done it the right way.

Should I report the bug in some way other than on this forum?


@mark_hahn, do you know where to report Chocolatey bugs?


No, I don’t.

Actually I know very little about these things. Could it be a bug in Chocolatey or in the Atom package?


@DavidA, the part where it says @mark_hahn means that I was addressing my question to the user mark_hahn as seen in this post:

It also sends a notification to the user referenced after the @-sign so they know someone is trying to get their attention :smiley:

I suspect it is a bug in Chocolatey, not in Atom. But maybe @kevinsawicki would know better?


Yeah, mind opening up an issue on https://github.com/atom/chocolatey with the details?

Shim gen is a tool provided by chocolatey that wraps the exe files your app ships with to do some launching magic I believe.


Thanks, I’ll do that.


No. In general I have found chocolatey to be buggy except for the basic cinst and cup commands. Also, the path length to atom is ridiculously long which makes stack traces, etc., a pain. Also there is the problem of not being able to run old versions even though they keep all the old versions lying around,

In other words I’m sitting and waiting for https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/3675.


Thanks. I have raised an issue: