Why I don't abandoned Dreamweaver completely


There are only TWO reasons why I don’t completely abandon Dreamweaver…

  1. I love the “synchronize” local and remote files (essentially, a file comparison) which allows you to compare the differences in files before putting or getting files.

  2. I love the search & replace functions, that allow you to search open, current, or selected files

Is it possible to do these functions in Atom? If so, I have not found a way.


atom-commander can show you local and remote files side-by-side. It can’t diff them for you, though.

I love the search & replace functions, that allow you to search open, current, or selected files

In the built-in find-and-replace, the bottom text bar allows you to limit the search to specific filenames or wildcard patterns.


Thanks! I’ll have to do some more digging and playing around…I depend so much on local/remote sync sometimes, not sure how I could deal with this…but great info - thank you


If you use one of the available packages to view a remote file in Atom, you can use a package that lets you see differences between pane items. It’s probably not as efficient as Dreamweaver’s feature, though.

This is a feature that wouldn’t be difficult to add to Atom, for someone with the time, inclination, and an intermediate command of JavaScript. I lack the first two, but if you want to lay out the way Dreamweaver’s feature works, maybe it will strike the fancy of someone.


That’s actually not bad - the big advantage DW has is it allows you to use your own comparison 3rd party software. I use Beyond Compare, which IMHO is the best comparison software ever. DW also allows you to compare multiple files…again, opening each one in your 3rd party software. I guess you could say DW lacks the actual comparison software itself.

But diff-pane looks good - I’ll have to check it out - thank you for the info!


If the third-party software has a command-line input, Atom can do that too. That’s how all of the linting and compiling packages work.


I don’t have an answer, but I will say that the search and replace functionality (for HTML) in DW is the only thing I still miss about it. It is amazingly robust and versatile, and though I know it’s just all some sophisticated regex under the covers, I doubt I’ll ever get around to reproducing that myself :disappointed_relieved: