Why I am leaving Atom

I’m telling you so you can fix the problems for the next ones.

Problems I encountered

  1. Too many default shortcuts. If peoples want some they’ll put some.
  2. Key mapping is insane. I mean you need to code the key mapping, and it’s not even working and reloading in real time, and there’s not even a reload key map option. it’s a mess without possibility of knowing if it’s even working. Nice in theory, very bad in practice. Time consuming. I wasn’t even able to change “ctrl-alt-{” to do nothing instead of folding everything up, and it’s the main key for programming function { }. I had to use Alt gr instead of Alt. This is stupid and annoying.
  3. Can’t quick edit themes and colors or even options. It’s all code. I don’t want to learn another code just to code the text editor I’ll be using, what a waste of time. Again nice in theory, very bad in practice. No thanks. If you want put a context menu “Theme” and “quick edit” and when you click the text you want to change you can change the color/font/stuff in real time, or if you’re lazy just point to the style location in the theme file. Again, waste of time.
  4. Add context menu options like Reload Keymaps, Reload Themes, Syntax etc. Reload Window is good but why would I reload everything just to reload the keymap. Also add a button on the actual files on change. example: [Reload Syntax]

That’s about it.
Hope I’ll be able to use Atom one day without having to waste time.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this. When I edit the key bindings, it updates automatically.

Can’t quick edit themes and colors or even options. It’s all code.

Well if you call CSON/JSON code… I think Atom was made for and by web devs so it makes sense configuration works like that.


I tested multiple code and nothing changed.

And yes I call JSON code, what am I suppose to call it a lightweight format for storing and transporting data. Code is quicker.

Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a struggle to change a shortcut.
Edit : And it really was in real time then every test I tried didn’t work so there’s a problem somewhere.
I mean configuration a Minecraft server in 2012 was easier. Same “language” (JSON).

Out of curiosity, what editor did you find that does what you want it to? None of them are perfect.

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It updates on saving the file, did you save the file?

Not saying I want a perfect one. I just wanted a functioning one.
I had to use the right ALT to do {}, if by any mistake I pressed regular ALT to do {} if would fold up everything.

Oh and, I use Sublime Text now. Best of both worlds.

Atom.io is not bad, it only needs some changes.
Lots and peoples posted as confused as me because nothing worked out.
On Sublime Text everything is much easier, even key mapping. Not sponsored I spit facts, been 24 hours no struggle whatsoever.
I’d use Atom.io if there’s future changes that can fix the ALT problem, remove or move the fold up shortcut on the {} key and if they do the same system as Sublime Text for key mapping.

I did save the file, using CTRL+S multiple times as I always do.
If I have the courage I’ll try to find the problem just to be able to pin point what Atom dev team would need to change to make it easier, but for now I am lazy I just want to code.

What is the old saying “… workman blaming tools”?
If you have a number of tools there is no reason they cannot work together as a tool chain. I have used Atom and VSCode together because VSCode has some extensions (such as HaXe) not covered by Atom (and I am sure vice versa).
Atom does have weaknesses (one being the proliferation of keymaps) … but on the other hand process-palette offers a method for binding custom processes to menu items. I use this to run various languages and indeed automation scripts.

Being curious I have just reinstalled Sublime Text in Ubuntu (I had experimented with it some time back). I recently started debugging some old ECMAscript in Atom and I was surprised to see that Sublime Text picked up actionscript out of the box without installing package such as language-actionscript. So I will use both tools “in tandem” as I did with VSCode.

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I totally understand your point. It’s perfectly understandable that “coding the editor” works for some but not for others. In my case that’s the exact feature I love most from Atom. I can tweak just anything by coding it.

I had tried VSCode, SumblimeText and others. All these either are too bloated, or you have to use them as they are, or hope that some day they expose some configuration option for “x”, or someone develops some add-on for it. In Atom, when I want some very specific color to be slightly different I can simply open the Developer Tools, identify the item and write a couple of css lines to change it. I don’t have to browse dozens of slightly-similar color configuration options until I find the one I’m looking for, if it exist at all! Same when I want anything to behave slightly different.

Again, it’s just a matter of preferences and what makes you feel comfortable. I wouldn’t change the unique philosophy of Atom. The only code editor I had used that was comparable to Atom in terms of “hackability” was called “Aurora” for MS-DOS (90’s) :sweat_smile: