Why i am getting this error again and again


i am getting this error notification after every minute again and again is there any wrong please help me to resolve this problem…

follow is the image


Did you install tidy-html5, as suggested in the README for linter-tidy? Depending on your configuration, you might also have to specify the settings (e.g. tidyExecutablePath)


@idleberg yes i have installed the package now how do i solve this plroblem


If you’re saying you installed the linter-tidy package, we understand that. The linter-tidy package depends on an external tool called tidy-html5 that you have to install in addition to the Atom package. If you have installed the external tool, then you may need to go into the linter-tidy settings in the Settings View and adjust the “Tidy Executable Path” setting to point to where you installed the external tool.