Why hell files close when I open another one?



Sorry for my bad english.

Since a previous release, when I open a project’s file, it opens in a tab. OK, nice.
But if I don’t modify it, when I open another project’s file, the first one closes! NOT OK at all… (who has say I want to search for a file?!?)

It’s very annoying because if I open the first one, it’s not to play football, it’s to edit it……………… now or later (because most of the time, I need to open several files to modify the first one — and I HAVE TO open the first one first — please, don’t tell me to use another way).

Please, how can I get rid of this behaviour?

Thanks for your help,

And sorry again for this ugly english


You’ll notice that when you click once on a file, the opened tab has an italicized title. This indicates that the tab is “pending”, which is used for briefly looking at files (say you want to browse through to find a particular bit of code but don’t want to open a dozen tabs). If you click twice, the italics go away and you have a permanent tab.

@olmokramer built a package to change the behavior so that a single click will open a permanent tab.


Thanks very much, @DamnedScholar :wink:


There’s also an entry for this in the Atom FAQ:


@leedohm, would you be open to adding a link to the one-click package to the FAQ entry?


Thanks everyone for help! :wink: