Why Electron in a mobile-first world?


This is a real Newbs question but someone I know said to look into to Electron for making apps. I se that it doesn’t support mobile and I am wondering why anyone would use Electron in this day and age of Mobile first. I am not trying to be rude at all but this person I trust for opinions on things like this and they know what i want to make but I am focused on mobile in the end. I intend on doing the web app version first while I am building it out fully and then using that same code to work on mobile like I thought React does but they were shying me away from it. I see your post and wonder why you guys would use Electron at all what am I missing here? I have been investigating and am leaning towards Fierbase/React App. Thanks for any reply to shed some light on this!

Electron-boilerplate works, electron-builder doesn't

Because people still use desktop and laptop computers and not everyone wants to do everything in the browser? There are frameworks for making web apps into mobile apps, and Electron does pretty much the same thing as Ionic but for desktops.

If you’re making an app that you want to distribute on desktops (like the ones on this list), use Electron. If not, don’t use Electron. It’s that simple.


Show me one mobile device that can actually do productive work , like Coding , Designing or even paperwork .
There is no way 6 inches phone can replace 15+ inches screens + non-touch keyboard for productive work. Mobile phones can never replace them.