Why doesn't my package list a license or description?


I published my package to atom.io here but the package description isn’t showing up and the License is greyed out. I have looked at other projects and I believe I have everything setup correctly. Why isn’t my package description showing up and why is the License greyed out? Probably related, it doesn’t show up in package search from within Atom.


The only thing I could see that is different from most packages is your license. And according to the package.json documentation you should use SPDX License Identifiers. CC0 though, is not a valid SPDX Identifier. It appears you’re looking for CC0-1.0.

You might try that.


I have updated the license and the release but that doesn’t appear to have fixed anything.

When I look at the newest packages here, it looks like I am not the only one with this problem. I see several packages that are missing all of their information. For a couple of those packages, it appears that the author created a new atom package under a different name but pointing at the same git repository to resolve the problem. This suggests to me that the problem isn’t with my git repository but rather with the package entry stored in the atom package database.

Is it possible to have my package deleted so I can recreate it with the same name? I would rather not have to put an ‘x’ or something silly on the end of the package name just to work around this issue.

Possibly related: I had some trouble getting my package published initially (the instructions for publishing make a lot of assumptions about environment). Perhaps this put my package into a bad state in the atom package database?


You can always unpublish your package and then attempt to publish it again.


Still not working.

apm unpublish zoltu-jspm
apm publish zoltu-jspm

Perhaps if I better understood what the “publish” command was trying to do I could troubleshoot this. I have yet to have the publish command finish successfully. I assumed that once my package was registered with the atom package registry it would pick up GitHub releases automatically. I suspect, however, that there is more to publishing a package than git tags and registering the package with atom package registry? Is it possible to manually do whatever the other steps are?

Regarding my issue with apm publish:
When issuing the apm publish ... command the register step works and the tagging works but it fails to actually push to GitHub. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. This is likely because I don’t use git.exe ever, I always interact with git through other tools (https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/6442), so it is very likely that I can’t actually push from the command line. I would rather not have to setup command-line git which is why I would prefer to just skip the publish tag step (I can do that with other tools) and do whatever the other steps are when I want to publish.


If you want to do things manually, you can use the apm publish --tag <tagname> command after you’ve pushed the changes, updated the package.json, created the corresponding tag, pushed the package.json change and pushed said tag to the remote repository. Some people prefer this method. Personally, I feel that computers are supposed to save us from such drudgery … but to each their own.

Please note: The above process is correct at the time of this writing, but it is not guaranteed to stay inviolate for all time. Using the normal apm publish form protects one from such changes in workflow over time.

Also, moved your issue to the atom/apm repository:

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Thanks! apm publish --tag <tagname> is exactly what I needed.