Why does backspace go back only one space when using tab?


I’ve turned off the ‘replace tabs by spaces’ feature in Atom so now when I press the tab key the app correctly inserts tabs as one would expect.

But when I press backspace after pressing tab only one space is deleted (incorrect), not an entire tab (expected).

Atom V1.0.0.


Are you sure that Atom is inserting tab characters? No matter what the soft tabs setting, Atom will attempt to match the current indentation of the file. So if your setting is tabs, but the file is indented with spaces, Atom will continue inserting spaces. The best way to determine which Atom is inserting is to toggle invisibles on.

Also, I’ve tested it. When there is a real tab character in the file, Atom moves back the correct number of spaces.


Arg. You’re right. Atom won’t tab when I press tab no matter what. It just inserts spaces.

Thanks for quick response.

I think I’ll stick with Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, or Geany until this thing reaches version 2. It’s the little things, like this and not being able to alt-drag that really make a usability difference.


Check out my simple-drag-drop-text package.