Why does Atom want to have access to my contacts and photos?(Sorry for errors, I can't edit the post, which is weird)


I update my macOS to Mojave Beta today. And why I launched Atom, the OS prompted my that Atom wants to access my Photos and then again it prompted my that Atom wants to access my contacts. Why would Atom want to have access to my contacts and photos??


Could you share screenshots of these messages? Unless we’ve experienced them directly (I don’t know how many people are on Mojave Beta), it’s easier to find answers about what they might be if we can see them. Are there any other cases where Mojave prompts you about access?

(Sorry for errors, I can’t edit the post, which is weird)

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I guess the issue can be reopened.


@rahmanifarid According to the issue that @Aerijo posted, it sounds like this message only happens when you open your home folder, because the application tries to access some of your user data folders that Mojave considers more sensitive than general documents folders (I assume they’d be called ~/Photos/ and ~/Contacts/). Is this the case?


In my case, a folder inside the home folder was open before updating to macOS Mojave. After update, I opened Atom from the Dock, and those prompts appeared, since I selected deny in both prompts, they don’t appear anymore.


Unfortunately I don’t have screen shots. Those two prompts appeared only the first time I launched Atom, after the update. No other prompts has been shown by OS again.


Are you able to open Contacts/ and Photos/ from within Atom?

That’s fine now, because the issue has screenshots and the context that you didn’t mention. :slight_smile:


yes, I am able to open Photos. I don’t know where the Contacts folder is.


We’ve added a post to the FAQ section to address this topic:

I hope this helps.