Why do my HTML5 comment tags not work?



I have encountered a problem, but I am sure I am simply not turning on some setting. The problem is that my HTML comment tags do not work for some reason.

As you can see the “form-group” div is not being commented out.

Can someone help?

Thank you.


Can you tell us the grammar that is used to highlight html in your example? It’s likely an issue with the grammar so it’s better if we know the grammar used.


Update : This HTML is actually located inside of script tags, so I just had to use JS comment tags to get it turn grey. Now the problem is the tags don’t work. Even though the code is gray in ATOM, the code is still being executed.


Hi Abe,

Thanks for looking into this.

“Grammar” was new to me, but I think I can still answer your question. When I click on Edit --> Select Grammar, Auto Detect is highlighted when the Grammar window opens.


You can find which grammar is used by looking at the right of the status bar: