Why do I have old versions of Atom after automatic updates?


I am using Atom v1.7.2 on Windows 8.1. I just noticed I also have v1.6.2 and v1.7.1 in my %APPDATA%\Local\atom folder. When I first started using Atom on this computer, it was v1.6.0 and automatic updates have handled the rest. All three folders take approximately 330MB each, so it isn’t just left over config data.

Why are these previous versions still hanging around? Can I delete them manually to reclaim the diskspace without breaking the current version?


You can delete them manually. They are kept there in case of issues with the installation, to my understanding.


That’s nasty. We should be prompted by the update mechanism to remove them. Or it should probably remove all but the (second to) last one. OR, at the very least, notify the user that each update is leaving a third of a gigabyte of (practically) useless file artifacts in their user / home folder.