Why Do I get this error message?

It prevents me from using Atom.

Where is Atom on your computer?

It’s just in my dock, I can’t seem to get it into applications, i’m using a macbook

Your dock isn’t a real place as far as I’m aware. Where does the actual Atom.app file exist?

Im not exactly sure, I just downloaded it and opened it and it went to my dock, attached is a screenshot of the file in finder

Every time I type a letter I get this error message appear again, I’m finding it unusable, I’ve deleted & re-installed Atom but I just keep getting this error message???

It was working fine whenI first downloaded it, I’m not sure If i’ve accidentally changed settings somehow…

That’s atom-mac.zip, not the application. Where did the zip file unzip to? (Probably the same folder, which is probably called Downloads.)

I’ve deleted & re-installed Atom

How did you delete it if you don’t know where it is on your computer?

When I open the zip file it opens the app and the icon goes into the dock, to delete it I just moved the icon into the bin…

It’s not opening up and giving the option to move it into applications like other files do when I open the atom-mac.zip file

I moved it to the bin again and re-downloaded and used the unzip at the top of the screenshot rather than double clicking the icon in winzip to open the app, seems to be working, will see how it goes this time, hopefully all good now.

Opening the application directly from the zip file was the issue because of Mac’s App Translocation feature. The weird path and the error you were seeing were Atom being in a sandbox where it couldn’t affect anything, since it hadn’t been moved to Applications and your computer couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t malware that was running itself from a zip file.

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Thanks! I’ll let you know if I experience any more difficulties.