Why close atom directly without any reminder


I opend a new file, input some content e.g.
hello world

then I carelessly close atom,

without any reminder, it is just closed directly. And my two hour’s work had gone, and now I’m so depressed, frustrated, angry.

Why not have a popup to remind you there are some files are not saved just like close the tab. When close a tab and you do not save it, it will have a popup with the info:

‘untitled’ has changes, do you want to save them?
Your changes will be lost if you close this item without saving.


Because Atom saves the state of the project when you close it, including all unsaved changes in all open files. If you open Atom with the icon, the last project will be restored … including all of those unsaved changes, as long as you have one project folder.

There is an open issue for when there are no project folders: