Why can't I change the font? (Problem Solved. The answer is inside.)


Hi everyone!
My problem is this:
When I enter the name of the font in Settings -> Font Family nothing changes.

and if I write to a file styles.less :

atom-workspace {
    font-family: Hack Italic;

not changes.

I use Windows 10 x64 Professional and Atom Editor 1.0.16

I solved this problem in such a way,
I wrote the following in a file styles.less:

.editor {
    font-family: Hack;
    font-style: italic;

How to change font?

It depends on whether you want to change the editor font or the UI font. If you want to change the UI font, you can use the snippet here:

If you want to change the editor font, you have to match the font family name to the base font name. Have you tried just “Hack”?


Yes, i tried it. I also tried to write other fonts names. But it does not help.