Why Can't I change config.cson?


Thanks For Your Help!

I want to show the Welcome Page when i open Atom, So I write this into Config.cson(I save every time)

    showOnStartup: true

Then I exit Atom and next time I open Atom, it really works. BUT then i exit again and open the Atom second times, this doesn’t work and the code in Config.cscon became:

    showOnStartup: false

Why did Config.cson changes itself? This really drives me crazy. Sorry, this problem comes from a newer…


The welcome page is an option in settings so I assume settings is overwriting your change. You are supposed to use settings instead of editing the file.


Thanks for your help! But I still cannot find Welcome page option in settings. But I find that add this code into init.coffee solves the problem:

atom.config.set 'welcome.showOnStartup', true


It is in the welcome package settings. You can tell because the name before the period in config.set is the package name.

There is a general problem in atom that settings are spread over all the packages. Someone needs to do a package that puts them all on one page.