Why can't Atom Terminal use global node_modules; I want to use gulp with it


when i use gulp with global node_modules, atom make me sad ! sublime Text has a plug-in that can open terminal here also can use global node_modules work. does atom has a plug-in like that?


Which package are you using for the terminal, what operating system are you running, and what error message do you get?


thanks for your reply. i use many popular terminal package,such as atom-terminal , platformio-ide-terminal ,terminal-plus in win7 & win10 ,however they can’t find global node_modules. no error message !
SublimeText has one terminal package can find global gulp,but atom can’t(package: atom terminal) .just like pic show


My Atom is able to find global packages just fine. I think it probably has to do with your environment variables. From within Atom (let’s both use atom-terminal for consistency), run env and see if your global package folder is in there. If not, then it is not being passed to the Atom process in the first place.


Thank you:slight_smile:


Did it work?


not yet, have you use gulp? I set the global node_modules, I don’t know why sublime Text’s terminal pulg-in work without setting environment variables.


The error message states the opposite, you don’t seem to have Gulp installed locally


I have set the global node_modules.so it works without local node_modules. But it can’t find the global node_modules with atom terminal ! I don’t know reason


What does PATH say? I don’t have a NODE_PATH variable, but I do have AppData/Roaming/npm (where my global modules are) in my PATH.