Why can I only have one new file at a time?

I like to use my text editor to take random notes through the day or store code from the clip board. I normally have two “unsaved” files open (I use Sublime now) one for personal and one for work notes. Currently in atom it seems that I can only have one “new file” at a time, neither the file menu or cmd+N do anything (Cameron McEfee verified the behavior). What’s the thought behind this? Is it a bug? Missed Feature?


I do the same thing - last I checked Sublime Text I had three unsaved tabs filled with random notes.

I’d love to see this added.


Upvote from me as well!

I do the same thing with Sublime - keep multiple new open document as a scratchpad.

Another thing is - Sublimetext always preserves your state - if you close it, and you have three new untitled documents, when you open it back up, it will be exactly as you left it.

Atom currently will delete those documents, if you don’t save it.



Yeah, it looks like you can’t open more than one new unsaved tab per window. That said, you can open multiple windows to get a similar affect with shift-cmd-n. I tend to keep unsaved files open like this too, but I almost always have them in separate windows, which is why I never really noticed this behavior before, I guess.

Yea I found the new window and then tried to drag the tab over the the old window and it gives me the “+” icon but it’s still a no go.

Couldn’t agree more and like the others here I also use Sublime Text’s unsaved files to make some quick notes when necessary. Would love to see it possible in Atom.


+1 for infinite new files

I use Sublime to take notes also. +1

+1 - small patch available:

To solve this i modified Workspace method openUriInPane*:

I just moved the item = pane.itemForUri(uri); statement two lines below inside the if (uri)-condition.

*file Contents/Resources/app/src/workspace.js around line 158 and within the Atom.app.

*I would also create a pull request as soon as the sourcecode is available on GitHub.


The source will be made public but without an OS license. So you will be able to send pull requests: Why is Atom closed source?

This is fixed as of version 0.63.0. The auto update should be available within the hour.


multiple new files is working (0.64.0), however once you hit 8 new tabs in one pane atom hangs

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This is happening to me as well.