Why Can I Just Not Download Atom's Windows Version?


The speed of downloading is very slow,and when it almost finish,there is a network error occur…
I’ve try it on different machines and time,just do’t work out :worried:
But mac version is totally fine to download.Is this the problem about Amazon’s cloud?


Are you behind a firewall or proxy by any chance? Which country are you downloading from? How fast is your broadband?


I think at the time he posted it, Github was having issues with system status. I had the same thing occurring.


I finally download it after many times try.And I have no change with my dev env.Maybe it is Github’s issues as @plttn saied.Thank U two. :grinning:


I tried downloading all versions multiple times for 2 days and none worked until yesterday. They were all downloading from amazon related addresses.


Which countries are guys in?