Why Atom on Linux does not update automatically?


I just realized v1.19 is out, with some very nice features. On a MacBook I got a notice from Atom, and it updated by itself. But on Linux I have to download the new .deb package and install it manually. It’s not a problem, but I wonder why Atom cannot update by itself on Linux?


@cossio Try reading this:


Maybe providing Atom as a snap is a good solution? Are there plans in this direction?


I submitted an issue here, and waiting for a reply. Other then that, I’m not sure.



Now there is a ppa you can add in Ubuntu-derived distros. Instructions here:



Solution for Ubuntu files/file-tree not refreshing

On some Ubuntu systems:

  • The folder tree doesn’t show added files/folder or changes from the file system.
  • Open files don’t update with remote changes.
  • webpack-serve / webpack-dev-serve doesn’t compile changes or hot reload

For me, it was inotify from Ubuntu which reached it’s max number of files.

There are some solutions here:

In short, I increased the inotify.max_user_watches:

sudo nano /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf

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