Why atom doesn't have this feature yet?


The idea is that you start working on your atom editor by logging into your account, all your working directories gets fetched from the remote server as repositories, you pick a repository or create new one, do your thing, and when you change your machine, you can start from where you left without worrying about pushing the code on git when its not ready to be commited yet.

Just like google chrome has this thing of picking from where you left when you change a device!

Wouldn’t that be game changing!! is someone working on this? is there a package that does this already? I had a dream last night about something similar and it was beautiful because i couldn’t push the code before my laptop got burned to ashes :slight_smile:


Already answered in the issue you opened:

We envisioned Atom as a more conventional programmer’s editor rather than a cloud-based editor like Cloud9. There are some packages that emphasize working on remote files like remote-ftp or Facebook’s Nuclide. You may want to take a look at those as well.

Also, this is a duplicate of a previous topic:

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