Why are the images I open in atom rotated 90 degrees?


When I open image/jpg files in atom they are rotated 90 degrees. Why?


Did this start recently, or has it always happened? Are you using the core image-view package? What happens when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe and then try to open an image? Does it only happen with JPG files, or all image types?


Yes, this started recently. I have image-view package enabled. When I started atom from the command line with “atom . --safe” I got the same results. I have only tried this with JPG files as those are the only ones I’m using.



  • What type of picture? A photo or a computer generated picture?
    HINT: The OS sometimes reads and compensates what the orientation of a photo is.

  • All JPEG pictures, all the time? or only sometime?
    Have you used a picture with which you KNOW you did not have a problem before?

  • Opening the problem picture in a photo editing program - what happens?

Could you perhaps choose a random (no copyright) picture from the web to test on your Atom. Show us a screen capture. Tell us which picture it is (web link), for us to test it on our systems.

Good luck in getting a solution for this strange issue.


Well, this is embarrassing…Your first bullet point seems to be correct. The images were all a large 2592 x 3888 pixels. I duplicated one and resized it to 1000 x 1500 and now it opens without rotating. I guess I was just hoping to be able to use the photos without having to resize them or transform with CSS or something. Thanks for all of the suggestions!


Thank you for your feedback!

There are tools available to resize those images without too much fuss.
I recommend “Faststone Viewer” [ LINK ].
Very handy for batch processes and to make quick edits - ask if hints needed.

Go well.


Great! Thanks again!